B.Com BEst B.com College in Gurgaon- DPG Degree College, Gurgaon

Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) is a popular education course that helps the students learn about the commerce stream. With the global outspread of business, it is quite necessary to have a clear idea of the country’s economic scenario and the global economic scenario as well. The knowledge in both of these disciplines helps in the proper job placement in any part of the world. With the global rise in the economy, economic institutions, the number of companies, etc. intend to increase heavy demand for the commerce graduates. This will lead to heavy job opportunities for the people.

Having a good job with a satisfactory salary only becomes possible if you have graduated from a reputed institution. If you are are not a graduate from a good institution then there are quite a few chances of success, while for the students of better institutions, the chances of success increase manifold. The students from the normal colleges have to work relatively hard in order to compete with the students from the prestigious colleges. Now the question arises, why do students opt for low-quality commerce colleges in Gurgaon?

The answer to this question is quite complex and one needs to have an idea about the current education system and the basic demerits in the education. Here are some of the reasons due to which the students opt for the low-quality education system?

Lack of resources:

There is a vast amount of economic inequality between the people belonging to different sections of the society. It is due to these reasons that there has been a considerable number of dropouts as they cannot afford higher education costs.

Lack of infrastructure:

Lack of proper infrastructure to impart the knowledge also forces certain people to skip their colleges. It is because they do not provide the value for the money and hence the students opt for low-quality schools that charge a minuscule amount. This problem can be tackled by providing proper infrastructure with the common facilities available.

Lack of interest in the students:

A majority of the students lack interest in the studies. It is because of the lack of proper faculty that can arouse interest in them. Apart from that the lack of proper guidance also makes students to lose interest in studies.

Job to take care of the family:

A majority of the students have to look for a job opportunity so that they can take care of the family. Hence they register in those organizations that do not ask to attend the classes daily.

Tough competition to get admission in popular colleges:

In some of the well-known colleges, a large number of applications are received. This increases the competition between the students. Hence a large number of people cannot get admission in the good colleges and opt for the normal colleges.

After having gone through the above topics mentioned above, it is necessary to identify if you too fall in a similar category. In order to help you tackle such issues that prohibit you from pursuing further studies, DPG Degree provides you with the best commerce colleges in Gurgaon. A team of experienced teachers and well-developed infrastructure helps you to provide the best quality education.

Image Sources: DPG Degree College, Gurugram- B.com Course

The emphasis is laid on the overall development of the person to make sure that they excel in all walks of life. This will help you make your future secure and help you land a good job in a prestigious organization. The best part of this institution is that the education here is not too costly and will not break your bank.


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