Image Credits: DPG Degree College, Gurgaon

A BSC or Bachelor of Science degree is awarded at all the universities across the world after completing the undergraduate-level program in a technology or science related field. Enrolling in BSC colleges in Gurgaon is a major decision for your professional career. Along with improved career prospects from the Bachelor of Science degree, you can also improve your personal skills and cater to the important prerequisite to enroll in Master Degrees. Some of the key academic fields in BSC programs are Business, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Engineering and Technology.


  • Candidates should have appeared/passed in 12th standard with science background and achieved specific percentage or grades.
  • The admission will be done according to the qualifying exam in class 12th.


Students can enroll in BSC courses according to their percentage in Class 12th. They may also have to undergo entrance exam in some universities for admission. Students from streams other than science can seek admission in some professional courses like interior design, fashion technology, animation, and multimedia.

Several colleges in India offer Bachelor of Science degree from 3 to 5 years. Different colleges have different procedure for admission for this program. They provide admission according to the merit in Class 12th. Some of the private and public colleges also take entrance exam for various degree courses.

Higher Courses after BSC

BSC graduates can choose from variety of options offered when it comes to subjects, fields and topics. They have widest array of options to pursue a higher degree in their field. Students can also pursue a master degree other than science like management, animation, computer technology, journalism, etc. after completing BSC degree.

Pay scale

The salary of a candidate in this stream is up to the field he is pursuing in. Some of the professional courses like Computer Science and IT have great scope and person can get decent salary ranging from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 30000. Upon gaining sound experience, they may earn from Rs. 60000 to Rs. 80000 per month.

Job Prospects & Career

Like academic courses, students with B.Sc. degree can also gain great employment opportunities. B.Sc. graduates are not limited to the field of science when it comes to search for jobs. They can easily explore areas other than science, such as engineering, management, law etc.

When their B.Sc. is completed, students can easily serve in different areas, such as both non-science and science related fields. Students can enjoy great job opportunities with satisfying job experience, when it comes to salary package.

Thriving career options

Students can enjoy variety of job opportunities after completing B.Sc. They can easily choose to go in research field. Several big companies at a very handsome package also recruit them directly through campus selections. Some of the professional courses in B.Sc. like IT and animation also open the doors of opportunities for the graduates and some professional fields have great career options.

Along with research, students can also choose to work in Marketing, Business and various technical fields. They can also choose to be hired in banking sector or work as an executive. They can also find job opportunities in government sectors. A quality science education can help you with attributes, which are most sought-after and valued by large range of companies across the world. You can acquire the research and communication skills and prepare for the exciting and diverse careers.

The major focus areas in B.Sc. is reasoning, understanding, and improving the world through experimentation, observation, calculation and modeling. With this degree from one of the prominent Bsc colleges in Gurgaon, you can get develop the knowledge and skills required to contribute to the challenges in the world.


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